Fixtures for the season have now been released

Fixture dates for the 2018 season – Click Here

Opening ceremony details for the 2018 season – Click Here

U6s Full Fixture – Click Here
Bears – Click Here
Koalas – Click Here
U8s Full Fixture – Click Here
Cats – Click Here
Cougars – Click Here
Cubs – Click Here
Cheetahs – Click Here
U10s Full Fixture – Click Here
Boomers – Click Here
Bulls – Click Here
Condors – Click Here
U11s Full Fixture – Click Here
Wolves – Click Here
Raptors – Click Here
Jaguars – Click Here
Full Rules
U12s Full Fixture – Click Here
Hornets – Click Here
Pumas – Click Here
U13s Full Fixture – Click Here
Eagles – Click Here
U14s Full Fixture – Click Here
Lions – Click Here
Panthers – Click Here
U16s Boys Full Fixture – Click Here
Tigers – Click Here
Leopards – Click Here
Buffalos – Click Here
U16s Girls Full Fixture – Click Here
Firebirds – Click Here
Colts Full Fixture – Click Here
Hawks – Click Here
Men’s Full Fixture – Click Here
Raiders – Click Here
WACFA Ground Venues are listed below;

Chichester Park (South), Trappers Drive, Woodvale – click here for pitch map (NOTE: These are for Full Rules only U12 to Seniors

Chichester Park (North), Trappers Drive, Woodvale – Click here for Pitch Map (NOTE: All MiniRoos games U6, U8, and U10, are now played on Chichester Park North.

Santiago Park, Santiago Parkway, Ocean Reef – click here for pitch map.

Ashfield Reserve, Guildford Road, Ashfield – click here for pitch map and parking rules

Maida Vale Reserve, Acacia Rd, Maida Vale – click here for pitch map.

Team App

Here are the instructions on how to get team app.
1. Download team app from the iTunes App Store, google play store, it is also available in website format
2. Click on find a team app
3. Search for Kingsway CFC
4. Click on become a member to view all parts of the app.
5. A good other team to follow is WACFA

1 thought on “Fixtures

  1. Hi. I have the registration info for my year 6 daughter but I dont know when the season and training starts. Can you please give me that information? Thank you, Marie

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